I am Praveen Sridhar a Machine Learning enthusiast based in Kochi, India. I've been invited to the Deep Learning School at Stanford which is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn about the field from the “Founding Fathers” of Deep Learning based Artificial Intelligence, including Andrew NG and Yoshua Bengio.

Through this website, I'm reaching out to the community to support myself, with a commitment to contribute back to developing a strong AI community in Kerala along with working on easy to follow, hands-on tutorial content on Deep Learning at www.recurrentconvolutions.com. I'm super excited to have the opportunity to meet all the pioneers in Deep Learning community, and the success of this campaign will make this long time dream materialise into reality!

Some tweets about the event

Some of the pioneers of Deep Learning who are speaking at the event include:

  • Andrew NG of Google, Coursera and Baidu fame, almost everyone starts off Machine Learning with his excellent Coursera course.
  • Andrej Karpathy, who is currently at OpenAI and has been consistently contributing excellent blog posts explaining the inner workings of Deep Learning. His Stanford course CS231n is a must for anyone interested in Computer Vision.
  • Others include Yoshua Bengio, one of the pioneers of Deep Learning, Richard Socher whose course CS224d is a must for modern approaches to Natural Language Processing and Hugo Larochelle

As is evident from above, The books and online courses of these very researchers have been instrumental in introducing me to this field from and getting inputs from them would be a crucial boost to my goal of pursuing research in the field.

Flipmotion Technologies, the startup I'm working for has applied for support from Kerala Startup Mission. Further to meet the expenses, including the airfare, accommodation and travel, I’m reaching out to the community for support, with the commitment of paying-it-forward to the community.

About Me

A Mechanical Engineer by training, and a Machine Learning Developer by choice, I work as a Machine Learning Developer (R&D) with Flipmotion Technologies, a startup based in Kochi

Previously, I was a Technology Innovation Fellow with Kerala Startup Mission.

I was a Google Summer of Code Fellow in the year 2014, with Mentoring organisations Swathantra Malayalam Computing and Mozilla, during which I built an Indian language keyboard supporting 15 Indian languages for Firefox OS.

Recently I’ve also been adjudged as a finalist for the OpenPower developer challenge by IBM and am still waiting for the final results, which will be out in a couple of weeks.

As a person who loves tinkering and making new stuff, I love learning and collaborating over ideas at TinkerHub, a Collaborative Learning Space at CUSAT that I initiated with fellow geeks.


You too can contribute!

"Thanks in advance."